Top 12 Essential Oils For Autism

Top 12 Essential Oils For Autism

When you have a child with autism, finding new methods for soothing aggression, or increasing focus is always welcome. If you’re struggling with high levels of aggression, sleep deprivation, and anxiety just as much as your autistic child- essential oils may be an option to consider. 

Essential oils have been highly popularized in recent years. This is because people are finding that sometimes a simple scent in the air can be very effective at alleviating stress, and promoting relaxation. Medications are effective, and it would be unwise to go against seeking medical advice from a licensed doctor. That being said, when a child with autism is on medications for years and years, sometimes you need something that just gives the prescribed medicine that extra kick. This is where aromatherapy comes in to play, and has been shown to have positive effects on stress and anxiety among children with autism or ADHD. 

Let’s see what scents work best for you and your child! 


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Essential Oils For Autism
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