First blog post

I am starting this blog because I feel like the world of autism is somewhat misunderstood. Not just for the people that don’t experience autism in their lives but also for the ones that live with autism through a child or a relative. My personal experience is that of a single father who has spent the last 10 years raising an autistic child in a single parent household. Monkey, is now 13 years old and as a result I have experienced a lot over the years much like any parent. What I feel makes this page worthwhile is that I can provide some insight to those struggling not so much to understand how autism changes the life of the person who has it, but for those who experience autism through their loved ones. The people that make up the support system needed to care for such a child and how it changes their lives in more ways that I think people give credit.

So that’s it in a nutshell. What you can expect to see along with my general blog posts are some sections on different (and in my opinion practical) topics such as dating with an autistic child, being a single parent with an autistic child, planning for your future professionally and personally, and many more as time marches on. Most of all I hope you like what you find here and at the very least I hope to maybe give someone a glimpse of how you just might not be so alone in dealing with a disorder that cripples not only the child or individual, but the entire family unit for those that love them.


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