The title “Autism Brings It” is inspired by the incredible force with which autism has shaped the lives of so many families. In my opinion autism doesn’t just show up for roll call, it shows up with a thirst for blood and one hell of a grudge. It consumes the life of the diagnosed the most, but have no doubt, it sends one wicked shock-wave through the family. That isn’t meant to sound selfish or negative, but there is a reality to it. You’re taking all of your family dynamics and throwing them in to a situation that requires full support regardless of the many differing personalities that make up a typical family. That creates room for a lot of challenges and the need for a lot of patience. My experience with autism has been through my son, Roland. He is 13, and hitting puberty like every boy his age would be….You haven’t lived until you had a growing teenager try to break your finger in a fit of rage with no reason to resent them for it. Which leads me to the point of this page.

This page is meant to recount the many stages of autism as experienced by me. Who am I, you ask??? Absolutely no one remotely important. I’m a dad to two boys ages 12 & 14. One with autism, and one who, by all medical evidence, is totally normal 🙂 I wish I could know my oldest son’s thoughts, and could therefore speak for him from some sort of authentic viewpoint, but that simply isn’t possible. The best I can do is give my take on the many stages of autism that I have experienced, or witnessed others experience over the years, and hope it helps someone in the process. Everything from the initial suspicions of autism, to the day of diagnosis, and every stage of life that follows. The content of this page comes from my personal reflections on how autism creates this massive demand for patience and understanding in settings that aren’t always supportive of those needs.


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