GPS Trackers For Autistic Children

When considering the safety of any child, the first step would be to accept that there is literally a whole world of variables that we simply can’t control as parents.

By design, the world is filled with pitfalls and potentially life threatening situations.

All of which can take place in the blink of an eye, and change the lives of our families indefinitely.

When you have a child with autism, who tends to wander from the group, these variables can become quite extreme for the entire family- within seconds.

Wandering is a common problem for autistic children, teens, and adults.

The seriousness of the situation is similar to that of individuals with dementia who frequently sneak past their family, and go missing for days at a time.

Most cases of wandering autistic children end in tearful reunions with their parents within minutes or hours of the child being reported as missing… some parents, however, aren’t so fortunate.

As a result, there is a growing need to figure out how to keep individuals with autism safe from the dangers of their own curiosity.

However, finding reliable tools for this job can be a daunting task filled with false advertising, and cheap devices that simply aren’t practical.

Finding a Quality Tracking Device

GPS Tracker For Autistic Children

Despite all of the crazy and unimaginable things that can be found on the internet, parents can easily find themselves a little underwhelmed by the limited number of options available for child tracking devices.

The problem isn’t variety in devices for sale either.

There are plenty of companies claiming to have the device that you need to keep your child safe.

The only hold up is that these are also the companies with unfamiliar brands names, low customer satisfaction ratings, and unreliable service histories.

Additionally, many require separate cellular contracts and data plans, just to use the device. This can be in addition to the cost of the GPS plan itself in some cases.

Sadly, parents aren’t aware of how unreliable the device really is, until the moment their child goes missing. All because the GPS device failed to sound the alarm, and warn the parent as soon as the child began to leave the designated safe zone.

As a result, the false sense of security parents get from the bargain brand devices on the market today, can actually do more harm than good for the child’s safety.

And that’s just it, there is an option out there with low upfront cost, an established & trusted brand, and an affordable service charge that is backed by a customer satisfaction guarantee.

Everything Needs To Work Together

The reliability factor isn’t a matter of the physical device alone. The company that you pay for GPS service needs to be reliable too- as well as operational for years to come.

As a parent you don’t want the plastic device that you put on your child, you want the service you’re paying to be dependable and affordable.

This also means that you don’t want to rely on some company you’ve never heard of that is stationed on the other side of the planet.

When you have a child with autism, you need to KNOW that your child is safe. You also need to know that the device you spend your hard earned money on will be backed by quality services that you can rely on for years to come.

This means that you need an established company that is recommended by trusted agencies like Community Mental Health, local police, autism awareness foundations, and even the Department of Human Services.

Point blank: You need a device you can trust, that wont break the bank!

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The Solution: AngelSense

AngelSense was something that I learned about in the process of getting ABA services set up for my son. I had spent months trying out different GPS watches, tiles, chips, and even outdoors hunting trackers.

Everything I tried simply didn’t do everything I needed, if anything at all.

“Tamper Proof” watches were far too easy for my autistic teenager to take off. Meanwhile, other devices simply didn’t work as advertised.

Therefore, I kept ending up with “low cost” GPS plans and devices, that were absolutely useless.

Then one day, I find myself talking to my son’s case worker with Community Mental Health about how hard it has been to find a tracker that works for my son.

She was aware that my son’s wandering was becoming a real issue, and knew that I needed something reliable and affordable.

I actually suggested that I was going to look in to wireless fences for dogs, and somehow figure out how to get a dog tracker on my son without humiliating him.

After a puzzled look from his case worker, I was forwarded to the video below, and right away, I knew the decision was simple. I needed to get one of these devices for my son.

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What Makes AngelSense Unique?

When you consider just how much an AngelSense tracker can really do for your peace of mind, and your child’s safety, you quickly realize that this device is so much more than just a wandering bracelet for autistic children.

Quite simple, the services and reliability provided by AngelSense are unparalleled by the competition.


  • Real-time tracking app: IOS, Android, web
  • Unlimited mobile & email alerts
  • Unlimited first responder alerts
  • Unlimited guardians
  • Unlimited personalized first responder team
  • Unlimited automated geofencing
  • Emergency runner mode
  • Voice features 60 min per month included
  • Alarm capability
  • ETA capability
  • FREE onboarding support by phone
  • Customer support by special need parents

Absolutely no other device can provide all of these features and services to their customers. Let alone with such ease, and reliability.

AngelSense, however, has proven time and again that they can provide these services for families all across the United States and Canada- successfully.

After all, the woman working her butt off at Community Mental Health didn’t recommend this device to me because it doesn’t work.

Like many things with raising an autistic child- I sat there a minute feeling so dumb for not already knowing about this device. I mean, how could I not know?

I just spent months trying different devices, and searching online for something that would work, and still had nothing.

Oddly enough, it wasn’t until I took the advice of professionals who work with special needs children every day, that I found a device that works for me, and my son.

Here’s How It Works

A picture is worth a thousand words, and in this case we have a moving picture … so, that has to be into the billions or something.

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