Reflective Safety Devices For Autistic Children

Reflective Safety Devices For Autistic Children

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Below is a full list of reflective safety devices that can be used for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Something to consider is that children with autism are likely to have different sensory and fixation concerns. Because of this fact, the list below provides methods for placing reflective devices, and lighting, virtually anywhere on their person. Search below to find the safety precautions for autism that work best for your situation.

Autism safety awareness is on the rise, however, that doesn’t mean that you always have to give in to buying highly specialized equipment. Most of the examples below are low cost, and provide excellent safety qualities when used to increase the visibility of an autistic child during the day or night.

In addition to the options below, please see our section about providing the proper identification for children and individuals with autism.

Reflective Vest

Using a reflective jogging vest to keep track of your autistic children is easy, and highly effective. There is a large coverage area that catches the eye. This is perfect for when the child attempts to wander from the family cookout, or backyard play date. Additionally, a vest is more work to remove for the autistic child. A vest also covers the body in a way that is very similar to clothing. This can help with sensory issues, or the fixation habits of the autistic child. The option pictured above also provides an ID tag which could help identify the child should they become lost.

Reflective vests vary quite a bit price and quality. The goal for the needs of an autistic child is to make sure your choice is comfortable for them. Furthermore, that it will stay on the individual’s body throughout the day. Be mindful of these issues when choosing one of your own, and consider things like how they fasten around the body, or how well they will fit the person that needs to wear it.

This is a great option for the early A.M. school bus riders, or the high frequency of night traveling during the winter months. Not to mention festivities like Halloween or the 4th of July.

Reflective Paint

Warning: you CAN’T apply this to clothing while it is being worn.

Reflective paints are perfect for objects that are used daily such as backpacks and winter coats. This option allows you to add high visibility safety features to virtually any fashion style of your choice. Be sure to plan ahead and allow time for the paint to dry, before wearing the clothing. However, once dried, the reflective qualities last for multiple washes before needing to be reapplied. This is the perfect option for combining safety with flexibility in application.

Light Up Shoes

Light up shoes are not only fun, but they also add a great safety benefit for any child or adult. Some brands provide lighting that can only use a strobe feature, while others can provide constant lighting. this is something to consider for those who are prone to seizures.

If your child is prone to seizures check with a physician first before trying this method.

The drawback to this option is that they are literally on the ground level when being worn. This could lead to less effective visibility in situations where the person’s feet aren’t in view to say- the driver of a vehicle. The benefit is that shoes typically go everywhere, and are worn with everything. Plus- kids love ’em!

Light Up Shoelaces

LED technology has brought about some interesting benefits, one of which are these light up shoe laces. These are a great option for those who may not like the design, or cost of light up shoes. Just like light up shoes, these laces provide added visibility to the wearer, and attaches to an article of clothing that is typically worn outdoors. This means that you don’t have to remember a reflective device; you can simply get dressed and know that there is an added safety feature that will travel with your child all day, and night.

LED Arm Bands

This is yet another great product brought to us by LED technology. The benefit of the LED lighting is that battery life is extended significantly when compared to incandescent lights.

The warning I would have for using this with an autistic person is about the design. There are no fasteners as this device simply wraps around the person’s arm. As a result they require little effort to remove. Additionally, you may need multiple arm bands to make sure the light is visible from all sides.

I still include this device in the list because everyone is different. For all I know, your child may prefer it to be on, and constantly check to make sure it’s still there. Either way, be cautious of the design features in whatever you choose to use. Be sure that the design will support the preferences and behaviors of the person that will wear it.

Reflective Backpacks

For the early morning school bus riders, this is a fantastic option. A reflective backpack provides great coverage while providing function as well. There are many brands out there that provide reflective qualities on backpacks covering a broad range of prices. This option is limited in it’s application, but provides visibility qualities that really help your autistic child standout on their way to school in the darker winter months.




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