Where To Find Toys For Autistic Children

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Where To Find Toys For Autistic Children

In the age of the internet, it would appear that finding virtually any product would be simple and easy.

However, many parents to autistic children would disagree when it comes to finding quality products, and services, that suit their child’s unique needs.

It’s a simple matter of autism being a niche that few people really learn about until someone they know, or care about, is diagnosed as being on the spectrum.

Parent’s who have just had their toddlers diagnosed with autism find this reality to be a major hurdle in adjusting their life to meet the needs of their child’s disorder.

Why Amazon Won’t Work For Special Needs

When it comes to finding products for special needs children, Amazon will have search results to choose from. However, the results will be an unorganized list of silicone chewers, and really expensive indoor swings, and that’s about it- minus a couple odds and ends.

Basically, this is because of how Amazon is structured. Without going into too much detail, this is how Amazon works:

  • Individual vendors post their goods on Amazon’s website.
  • Amazon approves the product, and allows the seller to list the product on their website.
  • The customer benefits from being able to use one website (Amazon.com) to look at multiple vendors in one place.
  • When the purchase is made, Amazon takes their cut, and the sellers make massive profits.

This model works well for many of us when we are looking for cheap plastic products, or maybe a new pair of earrings.

However, there is something that is missing in this model that doesn’t support the needs of parents to autistic children.

autism products

The Focus Just Isn’t There

The problem with using Amazon.com, or online discount stores like Amazon, is that the vendors are solely focused on providing products that make them the most money per sale.

By design, they aren’t focused on the overall quality of life for their customers living with autism. That’s also why they fail to provide a well rounded selection of tools, equipment, guidance, or educational materials.

Due to the varying profit margins of special needs equipment, there’s no reason for the individual vendors to care about providing everything you need for your autistic child.

The model is strictly- cost and profit. Nothing more.

This means that there are many special needs products out there, that parents simply don’t know about, because the only place that they know to look is on websites like Amazon.

It really is that simple in many cases.

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Ask The People That Know

The difference between the resources below, and some bargain website, is quite evident. The variety of products are shaped by the needs of the families, and not the agenda of the vendor looking to make a quick buck.

The Difference Is In The Selection

ABA Flashcards

Academic Supports

Autism Toys & Gifts

Calming Tools

Focus Helpers

Handwriting Helpers

Oral Motor Tools

Sensory & OT (Occupational Therapy)

Sensory Toys

Shop By Skill

Shop By Solution

Social Skills

Speech & Language

Visual Supports

The days of searching through page after page of the same products on Amazon will be over once you experience the larger selection and focused service that these premier companies provide for their customers.

With so many quality products to choose from, you will quickly find that they really do make a toy, or developmental tool, that will address your child’s needs- without breaking the bank.

National Autism Resources

autism products

Established Customer Service

National Autism Resources has a dedicated customer service group who has been assisting families affected by autism since 2008.

Organic Ranking In Google Search Engines

Highly trusted: Ranked #1 for multiple Google searches related to autism.

Vast Selection

1400 products from over 150 vendors. 

Well known supplier for school districts, hospitals, therapy centers and family members of the autism community. 

Fun & Function

Family Business 

Fun & Function is ran by Aviva Weiss MS OTR/L and her husband Haskel Weiss. The company was started because they couldn’t find the products they needed for their own family’s needs.

Like many great things in this world- this company is driven by a personal passion that is shared by an extraordinary family.

Highly Specialized Selection

Focused on providing products that contribute to real developmental and therapeutic differences in the lives of children.

Live Chat

Fun & Function offers live chat so customers can easily make informed decisions about their purchases.

English & Spanish Blog Area

Find a large blog area discussing products and so much more, with many posts made available in both English and Spanish.

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